Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas starts in Dallas

Ted and I celebrated 23 years of marriage on December 16th. These have been years of incredible happiness, action packed with memorable family experiences. Countless blessings have flowed and gratitude is deeply a part of our joy.
A stop at one of our favorite Dallas stores "Chocolate Secrets" was enjoyable- Santa, a gingerbread house model of Dallas, crepes, and the best chocolate ever. We are bringing Rebekah, Nate, Celine, David and Dan home with us! We cannot wait to see the little girls at home and enjoy the holiday season together.

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We are so happy that you post on this blog!! We love seeing everyone and all of the beautiful decorations-Christmas is always beautiful in Lousiana!! Do the trees have oranges on them? They look great. We look forward to the next pictures of the homemade gifts and more of Christmas. We love you so much. Have a happy new year!! Love, Grandpa & Grandma Walker